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Abingdon Manor Inn & Restaurant

Pet-Friendly Lodging Services near Our Inn

Accommodations for Your Pet Just Down the Road!

If you are looking for pet-friendly services while traveling along I-95 in South Carolina or are searching for a hotel near Florence, SC, Abingdon Manor offers a unique experience for your pets. While we do not accept pets at our inn, we have two friends, Pam and Brian, that are located just down the road where pets are welcome to stay with them in their home. They have raised and trained all kinds of puppies for over 30 years and have their own dogs and cats that your pets can play with.

The pets are welcome to stay at their house for $25 per night per animal. Pets will not be crated while staying with Pam and Brian so it is a lot better than leaving them at a kennel! It is required that pets are current with their shots. Pam and Brian also want to know their breed, age, name, and if the pet is neutered and has any special needs in advance so they can provide for their comfort. So, consider a unique stay for your pets when looking for a pet-friendly hotel along I-95 in South Carolina! It is a great way to have a little “vacation time” of your own.


"The reason we came to Abingdon Manor the first time was that we had learned that our pet dog could be boarded overnight nearby. One of the many reasons we are here for the fifth time is that Melvin, our Westie, loves staying with Pam and we are confident in the knowledge and loving care Pam gives."
-- The Wades, NJ & FL

"I'll see you in the morning, have a nice dinner at the Inn. I'll have another fun time with Brian and Pam and get a good nights rest after the drive from Vero today."
-- Ben Ix (owners Alex and Ann Ix, Vero Beach, FL & Red Bank, NJ)

"Toby looks forward to our visits to Abingdon Manor so he can spend the night at Pam's where he has a wonderful time."
-- Debbie & Fred Moore, Bucks County, PA & Vero Beach, FL

"Here are our happy dogs. They are always well treated when we visit Latta."
-- Winnie & Chris Mortenson, Vero Beach, FL

Abingdon Manor Inn & Restaurant

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